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Describe Nina Baker in three words they said.

Truth is there have been many words used to describe Nina - Most of them contradict each other. Because Nina Baker is a contradiction.

She is the softly-spoken English rose with lyrics like thorns. A classically trained pianist who combines classical score with blues, pop, skiffle, rock, folk, jazz & country to express her emotions. She will make you smile, make you cry, keep you hanging on every word.

Nina has recently returned from her first U.S tour at the end of a year that saw her warming up for Robbie Williams and Monty Python at the London O2 and supporting Mark Morriss, Foxes, Henrik Freischlader, Jill and Kate, Mick Flannery and Ella Eyre on their UK and European tours.

Little over 12 months ago Nina was hand-picked by BBC Introducing to attend their Master Class and she came runner-up in MTV's Brand New for 2013 unsigned competition, impressing the MTV select panel who stated that "Nina brought something really unique to the competition, a mixture of light and dark makes her songs stand out”.

In 2014 Nina’s debut track ‘Single Bed’ won ‘Best Song’ in the 2014 Best Of British Unsigned Awards, and she came runner up in the ‘Best Female’ category.

Her much acclaimed debut album was released at the end of 2014. Self-written, self-funded & self produced, it was recorded at Rockfield, The Church & Abbey Road Studios. Sweet on the outside & bitter in the middle, it is very much an album of two halves.

"With elements of pop, rock, jazz, blues, folk & classical feeding the musical heart of her self-penned debut, Baker has cut a great, difficult to pigeonhole record. The attention she pays to arrangements ensures that each of her thirteen songs is superbly textured & structured. This is fine stuff." (R2 Magazine, UK)

The album titled 'Quite Frankly' (dedicated to her late grandfather Frank Baker) is a big-scale, uncompromising production. It is a roller-coaster of rhythm, soaring highs and wallowing lows and is widely regarded as one of the best albums of 2014 by an independent artist.

We are still trying to find those three words.


"I had no worries that this album would be anything but superb" Backbeat, UK

"There is something fabulous about the debut of this singer" Welt-Musik, Germany

"Wonderful vocals and electrifying music" FATEA Magazine, UK

"Excellent album from a lady of immense talent, she writes really well has a beautiful voice and magical piano skills" Andrew Lock, UK

"Quite frankly I think it's mightily impressive" Pipspeaks, UK

"I have been listening to it almost constantly, playing the album so much, as it really touches me" Funky Wellies, Germany

"The album 'Quite Frankly' is a milestone in music" Street Rock Review, UK

"Her beautiful voice, the lyrics & the whole feeling you get when you listen to the album, it just all works together" House In The Sand, Germany

"Nina Baker is fast making a name for herself with her witty lyrics and piano-driven composition" Songwriting Magazine, UK

"If someone expects 'Quite Frankly' to be another girly album, they might be disappointed. Which is actually good news" Welt-Musik, Germany

"The album leaves nothing to the imagination vocally and I would say Nina Baker will be one to watch" Female First, UK

"The charts are still caught up in the death throes of EDM, but if more organic song craft comes back, Baker could well be one to watch" So So Gay, UK

"I believe Nina to be the most creative musical mind since John Lennon" Street Rock Review, UK

"Baker strikes on something that is quite frankly, charmingly endearing" Eclectic Pop, Germany

"What's the best way to get Ralph to sit up and take notice? Be in possession of a unique voice, write cleverly crafted songs and send him a CD of your immaculately produced new album" Ralph's Life, UK

"It takes real balls to write your emotions down and then share them with the world, but that's what she does" Missy Vintage, UK

"Quite Frankly is one of those records that could appeal to everyone. Girls will relate to the stories she tells and emotions she expresses and it's not whiny or whingy enough to drive the boys away" Even The Stars, UK

"Classically trained Baker is currently riding the crest of a very large wave, a wave that shows no sign of running ashore anytime soon. Something big is brewing in Warwickshire and anytime now the world will be forced to sit up and take notice" The Musical Outcast, UK

"Those who enjoy the output of Tori Amos, Delta Goodrem and Kate Bush will enjoy this unique female voice alongside the classic piano accompaniment. Stay tuned, as this is another rising female star set to sail well" Music Muso, UK

"The classically-trained singer draws upon her many and varying influences resulting in her very own refreshing sound" The National Student, UK

"With elements of pop, rock, jazz, blues, folk and classical feeding the musical heart of her self-penned debut, Baker has cut a great, difficult to pigeonhole, record. The attention she pays to arrangements ensures that each of her thirteen songs is superbly textured and structured. As debuts go this is fine stuff" R2 Magazine, UK

"Nina keeps going from strength to strength and I thoroughly recommend you go and see her perform live" Love Music Magazine, UK

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